Wednesday, February 01, 2006


... or, it's a small virtual world. When I started my new blog for work, I started playing around with all these cool blog-related sites like technorati. It's basically a set of tools that let you search blogs, register your blog, connect to blogs on topics of your interest, etc. So of course I'm always curious who's blogging in Serbia, other than An American in Belgrade, who we learned about early on because she's a fellow Blogger blogger. I'm browsing the Technorati links pages on Serbia, Belgrade, etc. when I stumbled across this post. For those of you non-Serbo-Croatian speakers, the posting is entitled "Foreigners in Serbia, through the blog-prism." So it's interesting to read the post and see a couple of other expats in former Yugoslavia, but if you scroll down to read the posts at the bottom, you'll see that another blogger, a Serbian expat in Switzerland, gives a shout out to Meaghan and me! I wonder how she heard about us from all the way in Switzerland .. and why she first thought we were in Nis?


Meaghan said...

Bloggers of Serbia Unite!

makilica said...

Hi Daniel, I don't really remember any more how I found yours and Meaghans blogs. I suppose through An American in BG. Concerning Nis, I guess it was cause I "overflew" your post about Nis (Back to Nis, back to reality).
Anyway, I like to read all expat-in-Serbia blogs and find it very funny and interesting to read about my country through your prism.