Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Boooooowwwwwwwll!!!!!

.. in the words of Dana, one of the denizens of the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. I remember him yelling "Super Bowl!" during Red Sox games. I was up until 4 AM to watch the Super Bowl last night. What a disappointment. It was obvious from the end of the third quarter that the fix was in, and 3. Kanal didn't even show the commercials. This post is dedicated to Carlos, a good friend and gifted tanguero, who also happens to be a Seattle native and football fan. As an Eagles fan, I suffered through last year's Super Bowl too, and I can tell you, you get over it. Especially if the next year all your playmakers are injured early on or suffer from terminal big-mouth, and they end up 6-10 for the year ..


Rose said...

I didn't know you actually *followed* the Eagles, at least enough to refer to yourself as a fan. Huh. Do you ever feel conflicting Boston/Philly loyalties? Oh, and don't worry about missing the commercials. They were pretty pitiful by and large. Except for one involving a "magic fridge."

Nice photo, btw.

Anonymous said...

Be careful--homeland security doesn't like people referring to the Super Bowl as fixed.

I learned today that the monday after the SuperB is the biggest "call-out" day of the year for American workers