Monday, January 30, 2006

New semester, new ideas

I got back yesterday from a conference about information technology, public diplomacy, and English teaching. I didn't get to spend much time visiting Budapest, which was the conference site, but I have come back with a few new ideas for the spring semester. First of all, I've started a new blog called Serbia ELF News. I'll use this site to post upcoming events, workshops, and homework assignments for the American Corner and the Faculty of Philology, so any of my students or AC members who read this blog should check that one regularly. Meanwhile, I'll continue The Native Speaker as a collection of travelogues and personal stories. I'm also hoping to add an online component to some of my university classes. This should make it easier for students to access homework assignments, and expand their chances for class participation beyond our weekly 45-minute session. Look out for more details.

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