Monday, January 16, 2006

Back to Nis, back to reality

This is Dragan, me, Meaghan, and Marko in the fortress in Nis. Dragan, Marko, and Zeka, who took the picture, are students at the Faculty of Electronics. After participating in my talk at the faculty last Friday, they showed us around the town - we got to see the fortress, the Skull Tower, and the giant stage where Ceca was performing that night for Serbian New Year. Zeka also bought us some excellent burek. Thanks, guys. I'll be back to Nis next Monday, January 23. Look for me at the American Center, where I'm presenting the pilot episode of The West Wing at 5 PM.

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Anonymous said...

I linked to Wikipedia about the skull tower. Another amazing monument to how humans can behave. I think it belongs on the tour alongside the Capuchin Monks' Chapel in Rome. Maybe we could make a "Skeletor Tour." Dad