Monday, September 25, 2006

Sweet memories

Meaghan's school made her do a "technology orientation requirement" that involved a bunch of simple tests in computer and internet literacy. The final piece was to write a simple web page in html, including two web links, one photo, and a link to a .pdf version of a 3-slide powerpoint.

The choice of topic was free, so Meaghan decided to post this love letter to Srce, one of our favorite KG hangouts.



Milica said...

Dear Dan and Meaghan,

I just loved your last blog about Srce. It's great to see some positive stories from Serbia. It almost makes me want to go and visit the place myself. By the way "Malaga" (my favorite) is actually "rum-raisin" flavor.



Daniel said...

Thanks for the tip! Correction made.

CodeSpark said...

I agree with Daniel..Great tips! thank you ;)