Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nedostajete mi

As time passes since my months in Serbia, I miss different things. Well, some of the same things, and some different things. For instance:

  • Juice is still a big one. I was in the supermarket yesterday and the only reasonably priced juices are like 25% actual juice. The rest is water, corn syrup, dyes, and fillers. To get good juice, you pay something in the $3.50-4.00 range. I had to walk right by the tempting bottles of blueberry and pomegranate and settle for cranberry, as usual.
  • I wrote to one Serbian friend about this: recently, I was walking by a restaurant on a beautiful day, and there were no tables outside. Something about this just seemed wrong to me. The next week, Meaghan and I were out to dinner and she was getting nostalgic for Serbia, although it hadn't come up in any way. When she thought about it, she realized that this was because we were sitting outside.
  • When Meaghan and I go out with our friends here, there's always a process of planning that happens first. There's a lag time, somewhere between a day and a week, to make sure they're free, we're free, when we're meeting, what we're doing, and so on. In Serbia, when I wanted to go out (at 10 PM, whatever) I would call someone up and we'd go out.
While I'm on the subject, I should mention this: on my current temp assignment, I work for a guy who makes coffee in the office a couple of times a day. Whenever he makes coffee, there's a pause of ten minutes or so before any work gets done. I wouldn't say this is Serbian style - he would need to take at least a half hour, and he doesn't smoke - but at least it's a step in the right direction.


Bg anon said...

Im glad in a kind of cutesy way that you are both suffering from Serbia withdrawal.

Its quite a common ailment as you know.

Fruit juice yes, that was one of the first complaints that a Serbian friend of mine made when she moved to London. I had to direct her to the fridge section because she was only looking at the shelves. She went pale when she saw the prices though - poor dear.

PS I find Buffy intolerable with all those silly fights in every episode. However, there is one character that caught my eye. Typically she turned out to be 'local' - half (Kosovo) Albanian Eliza D. My advice is start buying Soprano or Six Feet Under DVD's.

Best wishes from Serbia. :)

Daniel said...

Buffy is crazy fun. I suspect that you may need to have gone to high school in the US to understand it entirely. Thoughts, anyone?

I love Six Feet Under. As soon as I can afford a Netflix subscription I'm going to pick up where I left off in Season 3 (the HBO series are pricy, $100 per season).

More on Netflix in a future post ..

vanja said...

i ti nama nedostajes :) well, I didn't expect that you now write so often, and it is great that you are back :) you can leave comment on my blog now, as I said to you in mail... I love Six Feet Under... Until your next post CAOOO :)

Marija said...

I meni nedostajete!!!!! Vanja told me that you said that I like to make friends with foreiners(when you read about Christoph coming to KG). Maybe it is true, but you were the best!
BTW, C. (more-less) invited himself, couse he liked it here when he was here last time.

vanja said...

Well, if you want to come in KG, Maja is ready to be your host, she have a lot of practice, he he : ) kiss for you all!

La Lara said...

So, what's the problem? Why don't they put tables outside? Yet, here they like put tables in Kolarceva street, in front of Movie Bar. And the street is so noisy and polluted. I've never seen anybody sitting there.

Bg anon said...

Have you eaten there la lara?

I have, its kind of cheap, but kind of cheap.