Saturday, October 01, 2005

A universal sentiment

The Serbian national basketball team recently disappointed the country with their poor showing in the European basketball championship, being eliminated before the quarterfinals. It was sad for me to watch how poorly they played in the elimination game, but then I remembered - haven't they won this championship the last three times running? Maybe this is how it feels, I thought, to be a Yankees fan .. At any rate, we saw this huge poster in Republic Square in Belgrade. "Sutra je novi dan" means "Tomorrow is a new day," or as I would put it, "Wait 'til next year."


Meaghan said...

Go Sox!

PoppaG said...

As the Phillies have, once again, disappointed the home fans, what is Serbian for "wait till....forever, or my next life, whichever comes first."

Larry Ginsberg said...

Its football season. USC is #1 Lardey